LoFlo Freestyle Frame V2

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The LoFlo freestyle frame is crafted from premium USA carbon fiber and uses a combination of titanium and aluminum hardware. The slammed deck and interlocking camera pod creates a rigid platform that protects your electronics. The vertical plates of the fpv camera pod securely mount a GoPro Hero6 or Session 5 to capture all your flight footage.

****It is recommended that you use an HS1177 sized camera as the pod was specifically designed around this camera with a 1.8mm lens.  

Purpose built with the following features:

  • Integrated GoPro Hero6 mount (Print or purchased separately) 
  • Top mounted "toilet tank" battery for optimal CG 
  • Replaceable 4mm arms and plates
  • High quality US made carbon
  • Titanium screw hardware
  • Compact

MTM: 236mm

Prop size: 5”

Kit contents:

Carbon - 100 psi autoclave cured, high gloss twill carbon fiber.

  • [4] 4.2mm arms
  • [1] 2.2mm base plate
  • [2] 2.2mm side plates
  • [1] 2.2mm front clamp
  • [1] 2.2mm rear clamp
  • [1] 1.5mm top plate


  • [4] M3x18mm titanium button screws
  • [3] M3x14mm titanium button screws
  • [4] M3x12mm titanium button screws
  • [30] M3x8mm titanium button screws
  • [3] M3x28mm aluminum standoffs
  • [3] M3x16mm aluminum standoffs
  • [11] M3 aluminum nylon nuts
  • [4] M3 nylon nuts
  • [4] M3 rubber o-rings
  • [4] M3x5mm female-male nylon standoffs

TPU Parts

  • [1] TBS Unify antenna pigtail mount

Recommended electronics (not included):

  • HS1177 sized FPV camera
  • Hobbywing FC and 4-in-1 ESC
  • TBS Unify Pro HV Race
  • Crossfire micro RX
  • TBS Triumph antenna 

STL files can be found here for the following parts 

  • Rear antenna mount
  • 22xx motor isolation pad
  • GoPro Hero6 Mount
  • GoPro Session 5 Mount